Africa for Norway

I had to share this video… Although it is a satirical video, ‘ Africa for Norway ‘ raises such interesting points, points I have always thought about: what if Africa was the one sending aid to other continents? What if during hurricane Katrina, Africans had sent buckets of food? Truthfully, African resources have been feeding countries around the world, and saving some like France, from financial disasters … isn’t this video just reflecting that? After all, our resources keep many countries stuck in their ‘superiority’ complex: do westerners know that the wars waged in Cote d’Ivoire allow them to have cheap chocolate for Valentine day? that the war in Libya, is keeping automobiles in the US running at $3.40 a gallon when the rest of the world is suffering from oil scarcity? that the coltane from the Democratic Republic of Congo keeps everybody’s cell-phones running, etc… do they know? do people know? what if Africa was coming to the rescue of everybody (as it already is)? Enjoy ‘Africa for Norway.’

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