Posted by: Dr. Y. | December 28, 2012

Africa gets its first Smartphone entirely engineered in … Congo!

Verone Mankou

Verone Mankou

The VMK (Source: VMK)

The VMK (Source: VMK)

I salute the ingenuity of Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou, whose smartphone and tablet truly address the needs of Congolese in particular, and of Africans in general.  Verone Mankou, the founder of VMK, tailors affordable smartphone and tablet to Africans.  He said at the Tech4Africa conference in Johannesburg recently: “Only Africans can know what Africa needs. …  Apple is huge in the US, Samsung is huge in Asia, and we want VMK to be huge in Africa.” …  I totally agree with him, and I am proud to see an electronic product conceived and engineered by a Congolese for Congolese, and all Africans.  Have fun, and enjoy!


  1. […] Verone Mankou, a Congolese inventor, presented the first tablet and smartphone entirely engineered in Africa […]


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