Posted by: Dr. Y. | July 20, 2011

Small trades: Selling African Ice Cream/ Vente Ambulante de la Glace Africaine

Ice cream

Ice cream

It is extremely hot today! When I think that temperatures could go up to 40C… I have a shiver or rather a sweat. This makes me think of having ice cream, African ice cream. Today I am introducing you to a small trade in Cameroon… that of selling ice cream…  When we were growing up, we used to call them ‘lapon‘… How did you call them in your country?  Enjoy! and cool down!

Aujourd’hui, il fait très chaud! Quand je pense que les temperatures pourraient avoisinner les 40C… je grelotte… oh pardon, je transpire! Mais cela me donne envie d’une bonne glace rafraîchissante, une glace africaine.  Aujourd’hui, je vous introduit à un petit métier au Cameroun, celui de vendre de la glace (vente ambulante)… Quand nous étions petits, nous les appellions ‘lapon‘… comment les appelliez-vous chez vous?  Savourez! et rafraîchissez-vous!


  1. That’s pretty exciting information and I really hope more people get to read this.


  2. ICE CREAM….Get Your ICE CREAM!!!
    Sorry…No Freebies!! 50 Cent ICE CREAM BARS!!

    That’s what I remember as a child…


  3. thanks.very good blog and very good share.


  4. That’s great. Now I want to get some ice cream, too. Hahaha!


    • it would have been great if those could be shipped or mailed!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, seriously. Haha!


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