Dambisa Moyo: Africa and Dead Aid

Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo

For the start of this new year, 2010, I would like to introduce to you a bright young African writer hailing from Zambia: Dambisa Moyo. Dambisa Moyo, ivy-league educated economist from Harvard and Oxford, was elected one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time Magazine for the year 2009. Why is she deemed influential? Well, Dambisa Moyo is an economist whose book, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa, was on the New York Times bestseller in 2009. She argues that foreign aid has harmed Africa’s development, and should be phased out.

Dead Aid: Why aid is not working ...
Dead Aid: Why aid is not working ...

She has been under a lot of fire, because of criticism of foreign aid, Bono, Geldorf, etc… She represents the upcoming young talented African force, which stands up and say “Enough” to aid that fuels corruption, and instead should focus on job creation and support of local entrepreneurship! It is interesting because I always felt that aid was not the answer to the problems of Africa. Like the Chinese proverb says: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

For more information, check out Ms. Moyo’s website: http://www.dambisamoyo.com/, an interview she gave to the New York Times and the The Huffington Post. Please enjoy this video from Dambisa Moyo’s channel on Youtube.

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