A renowned African stylist: Pathe’O

Pathe'O, the "princes' stylist"
Pathe’O, the “princes’ stylist”

Pathe’O is a renowned African Stylist.  Nicknamed “the princes’ stylist,” Pathé Ouedraogo is from Burkina Faso and established himself in Côte d’Ivoire in the 70’s. He is an outstanding stylist, just like the late Malian stylist Chris Seydou who revolutionized the use of Bogolan.  Pathe’O is a baobab of African couture.  He even made ‘Madiba‘ (Nelson Mandela)’s clothes. Yup… that’s right! Pathe’O designed clothes for Madiba! Do you remember when Madiba opened the African Cup of Nations in South Africa in 1996? Guess who designed that beautiful

Nelson Mandela clothed in a Pathe'O shirt
Nelson Mandela clothed in a Pathe’O shirt

shirt Madiba wore (Mao/African style)?…Pathe’O! From then on, many African leaders have switched from 3-piece suits to Pathe’O!

Well, then… you can read more about an African genius on his own website: http://patheomode.com/index.htm

I also found a nice article: http://www.abidjan.net/qui/profil.asp?id=31 Newsweek also had an article on it: http://www.newsweek.com/id/64537