Africa is funding Europe!

Mallence Bart-Williams

I had to share this snippet of Mallence Bart-Williams’ TEDx talk. It is so good. It says it all! We, Africans, are made to think that we are poor, when in reality, like Jacques Chirac, previous French president, said “without Africa, France will be relegated to a third world power.”

Mallence says it so well…”why is it that, 5000 units of our currency is worth 1 unit of your currency, when we are the ones with the actual gold reserves! It is quite evident that the aid is in fact not coming from the west to Africa, but from Africa to the Western world, the Western world depends on Africa in every possible way!“…  “So sweet of you to come with your colored paper for our gold and diamond.” “we want to share with you our wealth and invite you to share with us.” And “…in nature, any species that is over hunting, over exploiting the resources they depend on for nourishment, natural selection will sooner or later take the predator out because it offsets the balance!” This is to all Africans, stop thinking yourself poor, and rise!