Proverbe Malgache sur le Présent / Malagasy Proverb on the Present

Souimanga bronze / Bronzy sunbird

Le passé appartient aux ancêtres; l’avenir appartient à Dieu, seul le présent t’appartient (proverbe Malgache – Madagascar).

The past belongs to the ancestors; the future belongs to God, only the present belongs to you (Malagasy proverb – Madagascar).

African Bird: The Bronzy Sunbird (Souimanga Bronzé)

I just found another species of birds in my mother’s garden. It is called the Souimanga in Malagasy which has been adopted as its name in French, or simply sunbird in English. In the case at hand, it is the Souimanga bronzé or bronzy sunbird known by its scientific name as Nectarinia kilimensis; it is very close to the Souimanga de Mariqua or Marico sunbird. It is native of Sub-Saharan Africa. Its coat is quite shiny and irridescent. Its flight is quick, similar to the American hummingbird. As you can see, this pretty visitor has a shiny green coat sparsed with black, and a red underbelly; it feeds on flower nectar. The shiny metallic color indicates that our visitor is a male. Enjoy!