Europe turns to Africa for Energetic Needs to Reduce Reliance on Russia

Africa_map3There has been recent news of European nations turning to Africa to meet their energetic needs because of the sanctions they have placed on Russia, and to reduce their reliance on Russia. Although we should applaud their sudden remembrance of African countries, it is still important to note that they turn to Africa because they can just pay peanuts compared to Russia, and the fact that Africa has so many little-little countries, Europeans can impose their own prize, or threaten them with never-ending debts inherited from colonial times. Thus, the reason they could afford to place Russia under sanctions that have proven in the past to never work.

Below are excerpts from two articles on Africanews. The first which came out today announces that Europe is turning to Nigeria for gas needs, and the other from yesterday shows Italy turning to Algeria for gas needs. When I read this, I just remember that the same United nations of thieves bombed Libya, installed jihadists in the entire Sahel region so they could ‘freely’ get Uranium (Niger), gold (Mali), and much more. Let’s hope African countries work on developing their local industries, and building transcontinental collaboration.


On Monday, the EU Ambassador to Nigeria, Samuela Isopi, together with France, Italy, Portugal and Spain’s ambassador met with the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC).

The European Union is courting its first African liquefied natural gas supplier. EU Ambassador to Nigeria, Samuela Isopi, together with France, Italy, Portugal and Spain’s ambassadors visited Monday the headquarters of the NNPC and met with the company’s management. The visit came as Europe tries to reduce its reliance on Russian gas. After the United States and Qatar, Russia was in 2021, Europe’s third liquified natural gas supplier. The European envoys to Nigeria therefore sought to strengthen their cooperation in the energy sector with Africa’s top economy. …


Italian Premier Mario Draghi has secured a deal for more natural gas imports across a Mediterranean pipeline from Algeria.

It’s the latest push by a European Union nation to reduce dependence on Russian energy following its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is Italy’s biggest supplier of natural gas, representing 40 per cent of total imports, followed by Algeria, which provides some 21 billion cubic meters of gas via the Trans-Mediterranean pipeline.

After meeting with President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Draghi said that an agreement to intensify bilateral cooperation in the energy sector along with the deal to export more gas to Italy is significant for the “strategic goal” of quickly replacing Russian energy.

Immediately after the invasion of Ukraine, I announced that Italy would move with the utmost speed to reduce dependence on Russian gas,” he said. …