“Les Immortels” de Franklin Boukaka, les lyriques

Franklin Boukaka

Ici sont les lyriques de la chanson “Les Immortels” de Franklin Boukaka.  Lorsqu’on lit ces paroles, on se dit “quelle beauté! Quelle grandeur, quel amour de l’Afrique!”

Africa mobimba e  … L’Afrique toute entière 

Tokangi maboko e  … A croisé les bras

Tozali kotala e      … Nous observons impuissants 

Bana basili na kokendeLa perte de ses enfants

Bana basili na kotekama eLe trafic de ses enfants

Na banguna a ……………… Auprès des ennemis

Tolati mokuya ata maloba teSilencieux, nous avons porté un voile noir de deuil 

Congo na bana Africa baleli  … Le Congo et l’Afrique fondent en larmes                                                           (2X)

Oh O Mehdi Ben Barka  … Oh ! Mehdi Ben Barka   

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Résistance Africaine: “Les Immortels” de Franklin Boukaka / African Struggle: “Les Immortels” from Franklin Boukaka

Franklin Boukaka
Franklin Boukaka

Les Immortels” is a song written and composed by Franklin Boukaka, the great Congolese singer, to honor the great Moroccan leader Mehdi Ben Barka, African resistants, and world revolutionaries.  Franklin Boukaka was a singer ahead of his time who loved his country, and had a passion for liberty.  Franklin Boukaka was a freedom fighter, poet, composer, activist, and fought for African independence both politically, but above all by his great songs which today are still sung across Africa (you all have probably heard of “Aye Africa“).  Born into music on 10 October 1940, with musician parents, he was murdered during the coup that deposed Ange Diawara during the night of 23-24 February 1972.  His greatest album was “Le Bucheron” realized with Manu Dibango, which contains “Les Immortels.” With all that is happening in Africa, with the coup against Laurent Gbagbo in Côte d’Ivoire, the crush of Libya and the guide of the revolution Mouammar Khadafi, and with the destruction of Mali, “Les Immortels” is still of actuality.  Enjoy!