“Iyawo Mi” by Timi Dakolo

A box of Valentine's day chocolate
A box of Valentine’s day chocolate

In celebration of Valentine’s day which is going to be this Sunday, the song ‘Iyawo Mi‘ by Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo seems appropriate. The song is about a promise of love to that precious one… it is a ‘forever and for always‘ promise. It is a beautiful song which can be played at weddings as well. And the beat is simply amazing; it is a classic. The chorus: “Iyawo mi, Ololufe mi, Ore mi, Alayo mi, I will love you forever.” In Yorùbá, Iyawo mi = my wife, Ololufe mi = my lover, Ore mi = my friend, Alayo mi = my joy (one who brings me joy). It could be sung to a man as well, by substituting the words oko mi (my husband) to iyawo mi (my wife). Enjoy and happy Valentine’s day to all… and in reality, one day is not enough to tell that loved one about your love, everyday should be an occasion to declare your love, in some way, shape, or form; because in reality, all we have is today, the present (a gift)… make the best out of it!