A Flower to Remind You to Smile

In this era of lockdown, one thing is for sure: flowers are blooming! Everywhere you look, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and now we can actually hear them amidst the silence! Yes… people… birds’ arias have replaced the car horns, and the blasting sounds of traffic and modernity. And now, the flowers display their beauty. They always did… but it was sometimes clouded by unknown fumes or we simply had no time to see it! So today, I will share with you a bright image of a gorgeous flower… This is simply to remind you to smile at the beauty outside, even if you cannot go outside. Enjoy!


Let your Greatness Blossom!

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up.” Nelson Mandela, Message to the Live 8 Concert in Edinburgh, July 2005

Here is your call to greatness! Whatever you do, do it well, be great, let your greatness blossom! The flower below looks like the stems are coming out, just like a generation blossoming! Just like this flower, let your stems come out, and be the very best you can be!


Happy Easter 2016!

To all around the world, I would like to wish a Happy Easter or happy renewal day. This is celebration of renewal, restoration, and re-birth. I love this idea, particularly when spring comes or when the new harvest comes. The flower below shows all of it: it is slightly drooping on the sides, but still budding; it shows promises and life with its vibrant colors. This is the same for each one of us: a new day has arrived, a new dawn, a new chance at life; and this day is a gift, an opportunity to do right, to live life to its fullest, a new page. Enjoy! Happy Easter! Happy renewal!


Emerging from Darkness, and into the Light

Are there days when you feel quite down? Days when you feel surrounded by darkness? It could be bright daylight, and hot outside, but you feel all alone, and surrounded by obscurity? Well, I saw this yellow hibiscus flower, and the way the sun rays fell on it caught my attention. It was as if the flower was emerging from darkness and into the light. What more, it seemed that the flower had never been touched by the darkness, its beauty was always there, and it just needed a ray of light to be rediscovered. It is the same for you: there is no darkness. Your beauty, intelligence, and being remain intact no matter what your mood might be, and all you need is a ray of light for your grace to be revealed… so let go of the obscurity, the past, the heaviness, and just shine, be revealed. May you emerge from darkness into the light just like this yellow hibiscus flower. Enjoy!


Hibiscus Flower – To a Peaceful Day

Not too long ago, I took a picture of a white hibiscus flower. It reminded me so much of the concept of purity, and peace. Like the white doves often sent away to symbolize peace, I wanted to send you this white hibiscus as a reminder to have a peaceful day. This made me wonder about the many time the word ‘peace’ is used in languages around the world, like the Arabic greeting As-salamu alaykum which means peace be upon you. Or the name of the Tanzanian city Dar es Salaam which means ‘the abode of peace’ or ‘the house of peace’To all of you out there, I send you my dove of peace, in the form of a white hibiscus flower. May your day be peaceful!


Hibiscus Flower – Harmonious Day

I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share this picture of a beautiful hibiscus flower. The colors were very vibrant, and the mixture of the yellow, orange, white, purple, and red, all blended in perfect harmony. There is so much peace emanating from it. This is part of all the beauty that the natural world has to offer in Africa, and around the globe. May your day be just as harmonious as the colors on this flower. Enjoy!