Happy Easter 2017

Just wishing you all a happy Easter celebration. I know to many in this world, Easter is special, and symbolizes their getting together with family, and Easter egg hunt, but do remember that it also symbolizes a special link with the Almighty, a new beginning, a second chance! Do grab this second chance and make the best out of it!


Happy Easter 2016!

To all around the world, I would like to wish a Happy Easter or happy renewal day. This is celebration of renewal, restoration, and re-birth. I love this idea, particularly when spring comes or when the new harvest comes. The flower below shows all of it: it is slightly drooping on the sides, but still budding; it shows promises and life with its vibrant colors. This is the same for each one of us: a new day has arrived, a new dawn, a new chance at life; and this day is a gift, an opportunity to do right, to live life to its fullest, a new page. Enjoy! Happy Easter! Happy renewal!