Love for Hugo Chavez’ legacy

Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez
Venezuelans accompanying Chavez' procession in Caracas
Venezuelans accompanying Chavez’ procession through the streets of Caracas

I was immensely touched by the outpouring of love for Chavez coming from all corners of the world.  Tell me: how many leaders of this world, have had this great show of love?  How many can boast the millions of Venezuelans who have been mourning for Chavez?  How many can boast popular support in their respective countries like Chavez did?  Remember, he won a third term in office.

Over 55 foreign delegations with 32 head of states were present in Caracas (the capital of Venezuela) to give a last hommage to the great Comandante.  Even Spain sent in the crown prince.  An immense crowd was there to salute Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.  Chavez’ passing has shown to the world what a true leader is.  Besides his Venezuelan funerals, 55 countries across the globe have declared a national day of mourning.  Argentina declared 5 days of national mourning, Brazil 2, Bolivia 5, Nigeria and Benin 7, and so on and so forth.  Imagine that: 55 countries declaring national days of mourning for the president of another country!  Who can boast better? Can you believe it? Praise be given to the great Comandante, the man who gave us hope, love, courage, and resilience.  Find below videos showing Hugo Chavez’s great work… and love, applaud, and be proud to have lived in a time when a great man gave love and freedom to his people, and the world.