Syllart Records – A Classic from Pépé Kallé & Empire Bakuba

On Monday, we talked about Syllart Records: The African Equivalent to Motown Records, a label which owns some of the largest African music catalog in the world. Let us pray it remains so, and they can be remunerated at their right One of African’s legends is incontestably Pépé Kallé. Enjoy this rare pearl of Pépé Kallé and Empire Bakuba… this is one is from the Syllart Records Youtube channel.

2 thoughts on “Syllart Records – A Classic from Pépé Kallé & Empire Bakuba

    1. Hello Peter, thanks for your question. I will cover some of these in a later article. For now, the kora is a string instrument (21 strings) extensively used in West Africa, and particularly in Mali and neighboring countries; similarly the Khalam is a string instrument as well (different shape) with few strings (1- 5); the goje is a string fiddle; the balafon is a gourded xylophone, ngoni is also a string instrument


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