Francis Bebey introducing us to the Communication System of Pygmy People

Francis Bebey_1
Francis Bebey

As we saw on Monday, Francis Bebey’s poem ‘Je suis venu chercher du travail’ / ‘I Came to Look for Work’ is the story of many immigrants, living their homes, families, friends and countries, to journey to far-away lands in search of a better living.

More than a writer, Francis Bebey was also a musician. Below is a video where Francis Bebey introduces the viewer to the one-note flute, and the communication system invented by the pygmy peoples of Central Africa to converse with each other using that instrument. As I told you earlier, Francis Bebey headed the music department at the UNESCO‘s office in Paris, where he focused on researching and documenting African traditional music. Enjoy a lesson from the maestro!


7 thoughts on “Francis Bebey introducing us to the Communication System of Pygmy People

  1. That was so fascinating. I didn’t even know about that kind of communication system. I’ve actually been getting into the Orchestre Baka Gbine from Moloundou who do all traditional Baka music and they also collaborate with an international band called Baka Beyond who are from England, France, and Senegal.

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    1. Yes… I know about Baka Beyond and their music inspired by the Baka of Cameroon… I really enjoyed some of their songs.
      BTW Moloundou is in Cameroon. I hope your collaboration with the Orchestre Baka Gbine is fruitful.

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      1. Awesome! I’m glad you know about the band. I’m aware of Moloundou being in Cameroon. It’s close to the ROC border. I should have clarified something, I’m not collaborating with Orchestre Baka Gbine (though that would be amazing), but I referenced them collaborating with Baka Beyond and they’re signed to the same record label.

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      2. No problem, Dr. Y. I’m glad you enjoy both despite us being in completely different genres. Haha! Yeah, I bought all of Orchestre Baka Gbine’s albums and the proceeds go to help their community in Cameroon.


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