Posted by: Dr. Y. | October 7, 2019

18th Century Ethiopian Crown to be Returned Home from Netherlands

Ethiopian Crown 18th Century

The crown is currently being stored in a highly secured facility in the Netherlands (Source: BBC/AFP/Getty)

This was a good news and had to be shared. Enjoy! It is from the BBC.



An 18th Century Ethiopian crown will finally be returned home after being hidden in a Dutch flat for 21 years.

Ethiopian Sirak Asfaw, who fled to the Netherlands in the late 1970s, discovered the crown in the suitcase of a visitor and realised it was stolen.

The management consultant has protected it until he felt safe to send it back.

Finally it is the right time to bring back the crown to its owners – and the owners of the crown are all Ethiopians,” he told the BBC.

Ethiopian crown netherlands

18th Century Ethiopian crown with depictions of Jesus Christ (Source: SkyNews)

The crown is thought to be one of just 20 in existence. It has depictions of Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, as well as Jesus’ disciples, and was likely gifted to a church by the powerful warlord Welde Sellase hundreds of years ago.

It is currently being stored at a high security facility until it can be safely returned.

… “I want this crown to be a symbol of unity and togetherness,” Mr Sirak said. “The crown will be celebrated by all of us Ethiopians, even Africans.”


  1. That is very positive news especially after all of the madness with the Amber Guyger trial, the murder of one of the witnesses from said trial, or another mass shooting happening in Kansas City, KS yesterday. I’m happy that the crown is finally coming home to where it rightfully belongs.


    • Yes… it is good news in this climate

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      • Of course. It was an amazing story and I felt really compelled to reblog it to share the news.


      • Thanks for reblogging. I appreciate it.

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      • No problem, Dr. Y. I wanted to spread the good news about that situation.


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  3. Great content, really nice writing skills


    • Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for visiting the blog!


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