Reconnecting with Your Royal Heritage: the Story of a Ghanaian Family in London

Kente cloth
Kente cloth

Imagine stumbling across your history, and learning that you are the descendant of a very powerful king? Imagine that all your life, you have lived a tough life, unconscious of your heritage, doing things, and just knowing that somehow, somewhere things should be different? Well, in 2013, during a trip to Ghana, Promise Adamah who has lived in England for over 50 years, found out that her grandfather was a very prominent Ewe King in Ghana, King Togbui Adamah II. She was handed a lot of papers in plastic bag by her aunt, and when she got home, opened it, and found out the truth about herself, and her family. Her family then decided to donate over 100 old letters and papers, official and personal documents, dating as far back as the 1880s to the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) in Brixton, London. These give a snapshot into the life for an Ewe Fia (king). Togbui Adamah II was a paramount Ewe Fia of Some in south eastern Ghana. The findings are believed to be the first of its kind to be found in such quantity and entirety in the Ewe community. Promise Adamah’s rich family history is now exposed at the Black Cultural Archives of London, it is Family Ties – The Adamah Papers exhibition. Enjoy the video below from the BBC.

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