Anton-Wilhelm Amo by Elikia M’Bokolo

First page of Anton-Wilhelm Amo’s dissertation (Source:

The renowned historian and journalist Elikia M’Bokolo did a short piece on Anton-Wilhelm Amo, the outstanding African philosopher who taught at a university in Germany in the 1700s. This reminded me of the piece I wrote a while back, Anton-Wilhelm Amo, African Professor in Germany in … 1700s.

Amo Anton Wilhelm earned his doctorate degree in philosophy from the University of Halle in Germany. He was a respected Ghanaian German philosopher who taught at the Universities of Halle and Jena in Germany in the 1730s… That’s right… you read it well, 1730! His thesis was the rights of Africans in Europe! He is said to have been the first African person born in Africa to be awarded a doctorate degree from a European university, and to later teach there. Enjoy the Elikia M’Bokolo’s piece, on RFI, on Anton-Wilhelm Amo, also known as Amo Guinea Afer!

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