Posted by: Dr. Y. | October 27, 2017

African Hair Sculpture?


Laetitia Ky, with one of her creations, on her head

I would like to share with you the work of Laetitia Ky, an Ivorian artist who makes hair sculptures with her own hair, on her head. What do I mean? Well, just watch the video below. Laetitia has always loved hair braiding and began working with hair from a young age. She started doing hair sculptures last year, and has a big following on Instagram. She uses coat hangers, wires, needles, pins, and threads to make her creations. I knew our hair was special, with the Mathematics of CornrowsAfro Hair: Crown Jewel of African Women and Men, but my goodness, she makes it amazing! The original is on BBC (I updated it on 12/11/2019 with the video from The Art Insider instead). Enjoy creativity at his best!


  1. That picture certainly looks great an creative. The video doesn’t work on the page though.


    • Thank you for letting me know. I have updated it with a video from The Art Insider. It is indeed amazing. In the video, Laetitia Ky shares how she inspired a young African girl not to straighten her hair. Amazing! As they, if you can change, affect, just one person, your job is done.

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      • You’re certainly welcome, Dr. Y. Thanks for the updated video. That’s certainly good advice to live by.


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