African Joke – 15 millions

Bag of money

A man sold his land for 15 millions. Since it was the weekend, he did not deposit the money at the bank. Not trusting his wife and kids, he decided to go to church with his 15 millions in his bag.

He stood up to go take the communion and when he returned to his seat to pray, his bag had disappeared in the midst of church.

All of a sudden he spits the communion and start screaming …

Angry face1

Thieves!! Murderers!! My mother is a witch!! You will all die!! My Fetish will kill you all!! Sakpata voodoo on you, heviesso voodoo on you, you will never see tomorrow !!! You will all go to hell, including your priest !!! Kanga bah.

Everyone is stupefied! Suddenly a little boy calls him, saying:

Papa, you are not at the right seat. Your bag is just here, two rows behind.

The original in French is found on . Translated to English by Dr. Y.