King Leopold II and The Congolese Genocide

Today, we will talk about Leopold II, the Belgian King, who killed millions of Congolese. Most people know about Hitler. Before Hitler, there was Leopold II. Very few know about this, but Leopold II should be known as a Hitler, or even worse than Hitler, but then again, that is if people consider Congolese (Black people) as people. He forced Congolese into hard labor, so hard that some died from exhaustion, and if they rebelled they were maimed, killed, or enslaved. It is said that he must have executed and maimed over 15 million people! Check out these websites: Leopold II, When you kill 10 million Africans you aren’t called Hitler, and this article from The Guardian.

3 thoughts on “King Leopold II and The Congolese Genocide

  1. I have seen that video before and you also get major props for citing the “When you kill 10 million Africans…” article. Researching things over the past couple of years about the Congolese Genocide made me furious. As I mentioned in another comment a while ago, finding out that Congolese was a major group in my DNA results, it gave another dynamic in my views as I wondered if the victims and/or survivors were distant ancestors of mine. How can people NOT call this a holocaust?

    Dr. Mumbi also posted a video very recently with Belgium “apologizing” to the DRC for kidnapping the biracial children (born from Belgian men impregnating with the Congolese women) from that country while abusing them back in Europe, but there haven’t been tangibles yet to the families.

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    1. This should indeed be called a genocide… but apparently when it is Europeans killing Africans, it is not called a genocide.
      Oh… Thanks I will go check out that video on the Dr Mumbi show.

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      1. That’s unfortunately the notion I got from the lack of information I got about it in school both as a student and as a faculty member. They’ll talk about the Scramble for Africa in America, but trust me, it’s HEAVILY downplayed and Leopold isn’t mentioned in those texts. It is totally a genocide and I wish more people knew about it.

        Sure. Let me know when you check out that video.


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