Colonial Treaties in Africa: Pre-treaty to the 12th July 1884 Germano-Duala Treaty

Cameroon_Kamerun 12 Juillet 1884.jpg
German flag on the Joss plateau in Cameroons Town (Douala) on 14 July 1884

Here is the text to the Pre-treaty approved by King Ndumbé Lobé Bell and King Akwa of Cameroons River (Wouri River, Douala) before agreeing to signing the 12th July 1884 Germano-Duala treaty. It is called the “Wünsche der Kamerun” (or the Cameroonians’ wishes) and was signed by the German consul. Note that only the German consul signed to engage his country into this pre-treaty; and no Cameroonian party signed it.  It is only once this was done, that the Kings Bell, and Akwa signed the treaty of sovereignty. Here is the text of the pre-treaty.

Cameroons River, July 12th, 1884

Our wish is that white men should not go up and trade with the Bushmen, nothing to do with our markets; they must stay here in this River, and then give us trust so that we will trade with our Bushmen.

We need no protection; we should like our country to annex with the government of any European Power.

We need no alteration about our marriages, we shall marry as we are doing now.

Our cultivated ground must not be taken from us, for we are not able to buy and sell as other countries.

We need no Duty or Custom House in our country.

We shall keep bullocks, pigs, goats, fowls as it is now and also no duty on them.

No man should take another man’s wife by force or else a heavy fine.

We need no fighting and beating without fault and no imprisonment on paying the trust without notice and no man should be put to Iron for the trust.

We are the Chiefs of Cameroons.

The Imperial German Consul

Emil Schulze

Source: L’Afrique s’annonce au rendez-vous, la tête haute! Du Pr. Kum’a Ndumbe III, P. 145-146, Ed. AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialogue 2012

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