The African Version of RoboCop

Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo

I would like to introduce you to the African version of Robocop, or rather the Congolese version of Robocop.  This is a traffic cop invented by two women engineers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of them is Thérèse Inza.  This cop regulates the traffic, and even gives tickets to the cab drivers, and those who do not want to follow the code of the road. The robot is 100% Congolese, and financed by the Women Technology association, the association of Congolese women engineers.  Its name is “Robot Roulage” in reference to the name given to traffic cops (policier roulage); it is 2.5 m tall, and is fully autonomous, functioning with solar energy.  It was first installed at the Boulevard Lumumba in Kinshasa.  I just loved its Congolese accent… it was just music to my ears.  Enjoy the Congolese RoboCop!

8 thoughts on “The African Version of RoboCop

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  2. It’s a shame that the video isn’t working, but I did see that RoboCop in a movie called Felicite. It’s a Senegalese/French/Congolese film and there’s a part where someone drives a passenger and you see it directing traffic. The driver brags that Congo is innovative and that the DRC will be the first country to get people into exploring other planets or make space stations.


      1. Sure thing. I do think those machines are really cool. Maybe they can make some that look like Gundams or possibly invent a whole new style of robots instead of basing it on Western or Asian sci-fi designs.


      2. Of course. I do think those robot traffic machines are awesome though. If they make a uniquely Congolese let alone African design, they can really go places. Maybe it can influence sci-fi shows, movies or comics made directly in the continent. You can do Afrofuturism over there without resorting to Black Panther tropes.


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