My New Passion: Money

10,000FCFA (BEAC-1992)
10,000FCFA (BEAC-1992)

I love history, archaeology and archives. …  I just found a new passion: collecting money bills (old money bills, which are no longer in print) from the BEAC zone (central Africa), the BCEAO zone (West Africa), and from all over Africa!  In essence, I collect rare old bills.  My favorite bills of all times have always been the 10000 FCFA bills from 1978, and 1992 in the BEAC Zone … this was and still is the highest bill in print.  What I liked the most was the images chosen: the BEAC building in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the beautiful woman with her cornrows representing the African beauty itself, the antelopes (this does not take away the fact that FCFA is a slave currency which should disappear).  Be the judge!

So… do you have a favorite bill?  Which one is it?

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