Hello World!

Dear All,

This is going to be a blog about African legends, African problems, African diaspora, African history, and history of other countries and continents. For this blog, I will mostly use pictures, videos-documentaries, and audios. I have created this blog because I am curious, I love history, and particularly history of the African continent. I have found that many of my African friends, young or old, are like me and are not well-acquainted with their history… since most of it is not written. I have learned a lot these days, and would like to share with others what I have found.

I do not claim to know the absolute truth or that these videos say the absolute truth, but I would like you to think… and ask yourselves questions, and be curious… History is history, sometimes good and great, and other times ugly and bitter… You cannot erase the bad, you can only learn from it. History is like a compass: it gives a sense of direction to future generations. Like the journalist Alain Foka from RFI always says: “A people without history is a world without soul! (Un peuple sans histoire est un monde sans ame!)” Some of these videos will be in French, others in English, Spanish, and even Portuguese. As you know, French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese are official languages in many countries of Africa.

I would like to inform those who don’t know, and would like to be informed as well. Feel free to comment if you find good information that could be shared with others. I will try to post as many as I can find… and would create interesting topics that could be discussed.