“Lovinjitis” by Wizboyy Ofuasia ft. Teeyah

A box of Valentine's day chocolate
A box of Valentine’s day chocolate

Has anybody ever heard of Lovinjitis? It is a sickness that catches you unaware… it can catch you anywhere, anyhow, and without notice… It is a disease of the heart: it pierces your heart and there is no way to avoid it. When you suffer from Lovinjitis, you are love struck. Here are the symptoms of Lovinjitis: sometimes you laugh by yourself, sometimes you cannot sleep, and you really desire the contact of that special one … you cannot wait to get home to see that one, you feel a genuine rush when you are with them, you cannot get them out of your head, they embalm your every thought, you are more open to new ideas and activities, you are planning the future with them, … . In short, you are in love!

Wizboyy Ofuasia, in collaboration with Teeyah, says it all and introduces you to Lovinjitis! This song is so good… the melody so good that it will make you suffer from Lovinjitis instantly! Happy Valentine day to all of you, and lots of love to everyone… today is the day to celebrate love, not just the valentine love, but the regular love, acknowledge our loved ones and be good to earth’s children!