Birds in African Cities and Beyond: The African Kingfisher

Bird_African Kingfisher_1
African Kingfisher

I had to share with you the image of the magnificent bird whose presence graced my mother’s backyard recently. It is beautiful, colorful, and just amazing. Very often in urban settings we often forget to look at nature, and in many African metropolises, we pass birds everyday without a second thought. I was recently introduced to the kingfisher bird. Not being a ‘bird’ person, I had to search for this colorful bird’s name. Did you know that there are 87 species of kingfishers in the world, and about 17 are found in Africa? I believe my mother’s visitor to be a woodland kingfisher or Halcyon senegalensis. However, it would seem to also look like a mangrove kingfisher. I know that it is definitely not the blue-breasted kingfisher. A question for you all is: If you didn’t know where in Africa this bird was coming from, which species do you think it is?

Lastly, this is a call to preserve our biodiversity, and be mindful of our environment; this calls for the necessity to build parks in African cities, not just pour concrete and cement over everything… I know that land is supposedly scarce, but parks will beautify the cities!


Bird_African Kingfisher

Bird_African Kingfisher_2

3 thoughts on “Birds in African Cities and Beyond: The African Kingfisher

  1. Wow, those are great pictures. I didn’t know Africa had that many species of kingfishers in the continent. You saw them out your window when you were back in Cameroon? That must have been cool. Where I’m from, we’ll get robins and the occasional cardinal or blue jay, but nothing this exotic.


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