“Raising up a Super-Humanity” by Puno Selesho

I really enjoyed South African law student, humanitarian, and poet Puno Selesho‘s TEDx Pretoria 2015 speech on “raising up a super-humanity”. I simply loved the way she recited her poem, full of energy, and emotions, and above all ready to empower humanity. Enjoy and rise up to be the Super-human you are meant to be!


One thought on ““Raising up a Super-Humanity” by Puno Selesho

  1. The "Bantu"

    While it is good and pleasing to consider ourselves part of a “one world”, experientially, we have witnessed otherwise. The Europeans and their caucus who promote a global humanity do so to emasculate any African self-determination. For, when we feel ourselves as part of one world, we falsely identify the achievements of others somehow as or achievements as well. Technological innovations of the west our somehow our achievements because “we in Congo supply the precious cobalt and other rare minerals at the expense of peace in our own countries”.

    “One world” is just new slavery, or neocolonialism for those who did not experience slavery, in an appealing humane disguise but very deceptive. History informs us that the Trojan horse was very appealing but was the undoing of Troy.

    Our experience with Europeans has been so evil that we should have, by this time, learned to be very wary of their humanitarianism and philosophies.

    Was it not during the Reformation in Europe that justification was found for slavery? Was it not during the European “age of reason” that justification was continued for slavery.

    If Europeans corrupt the scriptures to justify slavery, then after seeing the light that slavery was evil, still pursue brutal colonization (ask the Congolese and Hererro), and after “conceding” to our desire for self-determination still supported and preached brutal apartheid, then were are the most naive and unwise people. Preach an African humanity or African super-humanity because we have no shared identity with the world but with our kith and kin on the continent and in the diaspora.

    Until we stand on our own feet and are able to defend our own, we have no common humanity with any people. The evidence we see all around us is exploitation and destruction, and our people being beguiled by the “attractions” of the West to disown ourselves.


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