Tanzanian low-cost water filter wins major innovation prize

water_3The first UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation‘ was awarded to Tanzanian chemical engineer Askwar Hilonga for his water filter. His filter uses nanotechnology and sand to clean water; it adsorbs anything from copper and fluoride to bacteria, viruses and pesticides.

Hilonga’s invention should help the 70% of households in Tanzania that do not have clean drinking water. This is a very important invention in a world where clean water is becoming rare, whether in developed countries where their water is spoiled by major pollution from oil or heavy elements such as uranium or radium, or in developing countries where water may have been soiled by big oil, or simply not clean. Moreover, his invention will provide a low-cost alternative to water filtering.

The prize is worth  £25,000 ($38,348). Congratulations to Dr. Askwar Hilonga, and don’t forget to read the article on BBC.

4 thoughts on “Tanzanian low-cost water filter wins major innovation prize

  1. I love this. An African scientist not only winning a prestigious prize, but creating something affordable that will change the lives of millions. Having had a few water-borne diseases myself while living in Africa, I know how debilitating repeated illnesses of this sort can be. Hurrah for Hilonga!


      1. Sharad Bansode

        This is a breakthrough innovation. It will provide big opprtunity to serve society I am interested to communiacte with Dr. Askar Hilanga. Where I will get his mail ID.

        Sharad Bansode


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